A Chit Chat

The Basics

1. Where were you born?
Lexie: Santiago, Chile
Katrina: Buenos Aires, Argentina

2. What’s your role at Gallola?
Lexie: Product development and anything creative
Katrina: Day-to-day logistics and operations

3. What's your favourite place in Latin America?
Lexie: I can’t choose just one… Mexico is always a favourite, especially the west coast. I’m hoping to go back and visit San Miguel de Allende soon with my family
Katrina: Anywhere in Chile, but I’m partial to Santiago and Patagonia

4. How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Lexie: Classic, feminine and happy
Katrina: Comfortable, neutral and minimal

5. What's the next spot on your travel bucket list?
Lexie: Peru
Katrina: Colombia, especially Medellín

6. You have an extra hour in your day, what do you choose to do with this time:
Lexie: Go on a walk with my family- my husband, twin boys and puppy
Katrina: If we’re being honest, probably catch up on the latest TV show I’m binging


Con Amor, 
Lexie & Katrina 

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