Gallola Gals: Queen Máxima & Sassa

Who’s a Gallola Gal? Someone who is curious and loves to travel (even if it’s just to a new neighborhood in their hometown). Someone who loves finding unique treasures that remind them of special memories. Someone who appreciates timeless style but isn’t afraid to make a statement.

We’re endlessly motivated by Gallola Gals and decided to name our loafers after two women who we’re particularly inspired by.  

First up, our Maxima loafer (in a brown hue) is a nod to Queen Máxima. While she’s now the queen of the Netherlands, she is originally from Argentina and always stuns in her classic looks. Alongside her enviable style, she’s also known for her powerful mix of charisma, intelligence and humility… certainly all qualities that we admire! Fun fact- Lexie and Katrina attended the same school in Buenos Aires that Queen Máxima graduated from.

Queen Maxima and loafer photos

Next, our Sassa loafer (in a green hue) is named after Alessandra de Osma. Her official title may be Princess of Hanover, but to her friends and family she goes by Sassa. A Peruvian attorney and fashion designer, she is without a doubt one of the chicest women we’ve ever seen! We’re constantly taking mental notes of her stylish ensembles and have no doubt our green Sassa loafer would pair perfectly with her bold and playful wardrobe.

Sassa and loafer photos

We can’t wait to see you, our Gallola Gals, sporting your Maxima and Sassa loafers!

Con amor,
Lexie & Katrina